Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, introduces a new product line based on the company’s BestSound Technology, a sophisticated suite of device features that include SpeechFocus, FeedbackStopper, and SoundLearning 2.0.

“Siemens is proud of the innovations achieved with the BestSound Technology platform,” said Brian Kinnerk, CEO of Siemens Hearing Instruments in the Americas, in a statement. “The BestSound Technology truly combines science with subtlety; giving each wearer an automatically customized hearing solution.”

Directional microphone technology is the only feature proven to enhance speech intelligibility in difficult environments, and SpeechFocus insures that the optimal directional pattern for speech understanding is automatically engaged, even in the noisiest environments, said Siement. SpeechFocus continuously analyzes the environment to detect speech and to focus in the appropriate direction. Through the use of these improved directional microphones, SpeechFocus improves SRT by up to 4 dB in challenging situations and improved intelligibility in low-noise situations by up to 7 dB, said the company.

BestSound Technology improves wearer comfort by suppressing embarrassing and annoying feedback whistling without introducing artifacts, said the statement. FeedbackStopper employs Siemens’ patented Acoustic Fingerprint Technology to distinguish between feedback and signals that mimic feedback. This technology marks the amplified signal that leaves the instrument receiver, allowing it to be easily identified as feedback in future situations. FeedbackStopper achieves a fast adaptation by using a frequency shift of 20 Hz to break the feedback loop, insuring that feedback is virtually eliminated before it becomes noticeable.

SoundLearning 2.0 learns the wearer’s listening preferences in specific situations and automatically adjusts itself when in similar sound environments. It records every adjustment the user makes to the volume or SoundBalance, as well as the currently detected listening situation. These memorized settings lead to a dedicated frequency response and compression setting for speech, noise, and music.

Featured in Pure, Siemens Life, and Motion—BestSound Technology covers the appropriate performance levels for all relevant hearing losses, said the company. BestSound devices are Tek compatible, discreet, and comfortable—designed for mild to severe hearing losses.

[Source: Siemens]