Bloomington, Minn — ReSound has announced that it is partnering with hearing professionals to host a series of patient education seminars to help the hearing impaired overcome the stigma associated with wearing a hearing aid and to understand what they can do to hear better.

Kurt Schaffer, strategic account manager at ReSound, said in the press statement, “When it comes to hearing better, the number one obstacle for people with hearing loss is accepting that they need a hearing aid. Our patient education seminars are a place for people with hearing loss to ask questions and become comfortable with taking the next step.”

ReSound estimates that the typical hearing impaired individual will endure 7 years of denial before seeking treatment. With one in six Baby Boomers experiencing hearing loss and only 13% of doctors routinely screening for hearing loss during a physical, the company expects that the number of hearing impaired Americans is expected to rise to 78 million before 2030.

ReSound also notes that having untreated hearing loss can have other patient side effects, including social isolation, depression, and a decrease in quality of life. Family members and friends may also feel irritated and frustrated because communication with untreated hearing loss patients is difficult and attempts to offer help are met with denial.

ReSound is hosting its Hearing Better seminar practices throughout the United States and is inviting audiologists wanting to host an event to contact the ReSound Consumer Marketing Team [email protected]