Hamilton CapTel, a service of Hamilton Relay, which is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, Aurora, Neb, introduces their mobile captioned telephone solution for use with the BlackBerry browser. Now, individuals with hearing loss can place and receive captioned telephone calls directly from the convenience of their BlackBerry smartphone anytime, anywhere.

“Our new solution for the BlackBerry browser ensures that users never have to miss a word of a telephone conversation again,” said Dixie Ziegler, VP of Hamilton Relay, provider of the Hamilton Mobile CapTel service. “It’s free and easy to use on your BlackBerry smartphone, making it possible to see what is being said during your telephone conversation. The popularity of smartphones has created consumer demand for this kind of service and we know that our users will be pleased with how this solution works.”

Getting started:

• Hamilton Mobile CapTel is available on the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm2.

• Users will need to have a BlackBerry compatible headset to place and receive the mobile captioned telephone calls.

• Users can listen to what is said while simultaneously reading captions of what is said on the screen of the BlackBerry smartphone. The service is very similar to closed captioning on television.

• Free captions are available in both English and Spanish.

• Using the BlackBerry web browser, visit www.hamiltonwebcaptel.com. Users will need to enter their Hamilton Web CapTel username and password and click the logon button. User profile information and the contacts list will be available, and users may begin receiving captioned calls immediately.

“This technology is revolutionary in terms of convenience and freedom for our mobile consumers,” said Ziegler. “We’ve been providing CapTel service for years and our new mobile solution is a response to customer feedback requesting a BlackBerry option, which underscores our commitment to providing our users with a unique suite of product services that enhance the telephone experience for those who have difficulty hearing.”

Hamilton Mobile CapTel is a service that can be used on a single, mobile telephone that is capable of supporting both voice and data simultaneously through a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. BlackBerry users who are new to CapTel can visit www.HamiltonCapTel.com for more details, or may begin the one-time registration process at that same Web address.

[Source: Hamilton CapTel]