Phonak announced that eight-year-old Margaret and six-year-old Teddy Hunt of Akron, Ohio were recently fitted with Phonak Sky Marvel hearing aids at no cost to them through HearStrong’s Pay It Forward Program. In addition to providing hearing aids to the two deserving siblings, this year Phonak, a provider of life-changing hearing solutions, is also sponsoring the HearStrong Foundation so that children like Margaret and Teddy can continue to receive the gift of better hearing.  

HearStrong is “dedicated to helping the 80% of people with untreated hearing loss receive necessary hearing technology.” This is achieved by “recognizing outstanding adults and children with hearing loss and giving them a platform to empower and serve others in need of hearing care.”     

“We are proud to support HearStrong’s mission to raise global hearing health care awareness and further provide a positive impact in communities across the country,” said Sandy Brandmeier, President of Sonova USA, the parent company of Phonak. “We know that hearing well is critical to a child’s brain development. As a leading innovator of world-class pediatric hearing aid technology, we’re certain that Margaret and Teddy will continue to live their lives to the fullest.”     

Margaret and Teddy’s old devices were outdated and problematic during a crucial period of learning and development. When HearStrong informed their family about this opportunity, “they immediately knew Phonak Sky Marvel hearing aids were their ideal choice.” The ability to hear better has already positively impacted both Margaret and Teddy’s lives. Their mother, Rachel Hunt, shared how Phonak hearing aids have had a notable and lasting effect for her children. 

“Margaret and Teddy’s hearing aid fitting was flawless and, almost immediately, Teddy began noticing sounds he was previously unable to hear,” said Rachel. “For example, on the way home from the fitting he mentioned the ‘tick’ of the turn signal and the ‘shush’ of the tires on the wet road. Margaret and Teddy have been beaming since receiving their new hearing aids—calling friends and family to boast and taking responsibility for their equipment.”

Co-founder and President of HearStrong, Ed Keller, said, “I’ve had a career-long concern that the 80% of people with hearing difficulties have an inaccurate view of what it means to have hearing loss and use hearing devices. We are thrilled to team up with Phonak to highlight a greater number of active and vibrant individuals like Margaret and Teddy, who overcome hearing loss every day.” 

To learn more about the HearStrong Foundation and our sponsors, please call 866-432-7500. 

Source: Phonak, HearStrong