Oticon Pediatrics, Somerset, NJ, will include Ear Gear Mini Curved Corded in beige from Ear Gear, British Columbia, Canada, in all of its pediatric kits from birth to 18 years of age.

The product has been specially created for Oticon and includes a Safari graphic imprinted on the sleeve. It features a lightweight plastic clip .

“We believe that Ear Gear is a valuable accessory for active children of any age, to give parents greater peace of mind and protect these important devices from loss or damage from sweat and dirt,” says Maureen Doty Tomasula, AuD, product and marketing manager, Oticon Pediatrics. “Whether it’s worn by a baby to prevent loss, a 6-yea- old child at the beach, a 12-year-old competitive soccer player, or a teen hiking in the woods, Ear Gear helps kids live their everyday adventures without having to worry about their hearing aids, and without having to put them away in a box during high energy activities.”

The Ear Gear/Oticon Safari Mini Curved includes full-color instructions specifically
created for installation and use of this model by Oticon’s clients.

[Source: Ear Gear]