GN Otometrics, a global manufacturer of audiology instrumentation and software solutions, announces the release of OTOsuite®4.81. The release includes new functionality to support AURICAL, a complete, modular hearing aid fitting and verification system, and MADSEN Zodiac, an immittance testing solution designed to deliver control, confidence, and efficiency.

“Modern, intuitive and easy to learn – OTOsuite supports the entire client journey, from diagnostics and counseling to fitting and verification from one application,” said Lars Bladt Rasmussen, product manager for OTOsuite in a recent announcement. “We are excited about this release of OTOsuite as it delivers efficiency enhancements to the platform and products in OTOsuite that can benefit clinicians working with hearing aid fitting and verification and immittance testing.”

According to GN Otometrics, included in this release are two new enhancements to AURICAL. First, the ProbeTube Assistant is functionality in AURICAL that guides hearing aid professionals to a correct position of the probe tube during probe mic measurements (PMM). Probe tube placement can be a challenging part of the hearing and verification process. Placed too shallow, your measurements become inaccurate. Placed too deep, you may touch the eardrum. The ProbeTube Assistant in AURICAL provides onscreen guided placement of the probe tube so clinicians can be sure the probe tube is placed correctly. The ProbeTube Assistant is supported by a new Probe kit, stabilizing the probe during measurements.

Additionally, the company says that OTOsuite 4.81 is prepared for IMC2, an upcoming industry standard, allowing fitting and measurement modules that support IMC2 to talk to each other directly. Once enabled by the industry, this will provide AURICAL users with a simplified and integrated fitting workflow, which includes seamless verification.

OTOsuite 4.81 also includes enhancements to the immittance solution MADSEN Zodiac such as the unique Tymp History feature that enables users to visualize all the tympanograms performed on a patient over time and stored in Noah or similar and compares them by a simple drag-and-drop function. A convenient functionality for instance in relation with surgery. Tymp History is available for all MADSEN Zodiac versions Quick Check, Diagnostic, and Clinical and in OTOsuite only.

OTOsuite includes enhancements to the cross-product OTOsuite Reports module that enables even more flexibility in reporting immittance and PMM test data and results.

“OTOsuite keeps everything you need for the entire patient journey in one place allowing clinicians to work with their audiometer, OAE, video otoscope and immittance devices in one shared interface,” reports Rasmussen. “OTOsuite integrates seamlessly with Noah and external Electronic Medical Records (EMR), so you can easily and safely transfer data to selected patient files, reducing errors – and saving time every day.”

OTOsuite 4.81 supports Windows 10 and is available for download. A license key is required to access the ProbeTube Assistant.

For more information about OTOsuite, or to download OTOsuite 4.81, visit the Audiology Systems website. For more information about AURICAL and the ProbeTube Assistant, visit the AURICLE page. For more information about MADSEN Zodiac, visit the ZODIAC page.

Audiology Systems is the official US distributor of Otometrics products: MADSEN, AURICAL, ICS and GENIE sound rooms. Otometrics provides instrumentation and software solutions to hearing and balance care professionals worldwide. Otometrics develops, manufactures and markets computer-based audiological, otoneurologic and vestibular instrumentation in more than 70 countries under the MADSEN®, AURICAL®, HORTMANN®, ICS® and GENIE™ brand names. Otometrics is part of the GN Group in Denmark.

Source: GN Otometrics