Grason Stadler (GSI) announced updates to the GSI AudioStar Pro, including the addition of the anticipated ACT Test.

The Audible Contrast Threshold, or ACT, predicts a patient’s aided speech-in-noise ability and when compared to normative data can guide the clinician with hearing aid fittings, according to the company.

The ACT Test results can also be used when counseling patients with normal hearing who complain of difficulty understanding speech in noise, discussing listening and communication strategies, and recommending assistive listening devices when the ACT threshold is poorer than normal.

Additional updates to the AudioStar Pro include:

  • Vibrotactile Symbols
  • Weber Test
  • Weighted PTA
  • Set Number of Words to Score for Speech Tests
  • VRA Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Color Choice for Aided, Sound Field, and CI Symbols

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In addition to the new ACT Test, a number of additional updates have been implemented. Clinicians will now be able to indicate vibrotactile responses directly on audiograms from pure tone testing completed with the AudioStar Pro. Integrated speech tests have also received a new functionality. You can now define the number of words that will be presented when testing with the internal speech files. Finally, per request, the ability to change the color of sound field symbols have been added. This allows clinicians to differentiate testing from speakers, hearing aids, or cochlear implants.

Featured image: GSI AudioStar Pro. Photo: Grason Stadler (GSI)