Audiology Systems, Schaumburg, Ill, a US distributor of GN Otometrics products such as Aurical®, Madsen® and ICS®, as well as other leading audiology and vestibular equipment, recently launched equipment care plans for new and existing instruments, as well as calibration care. The company is now offering care plans for equipment from Otometrics, Intelligent Hearing Systems, Oscilla, and Path Medical Solutions. Calibration is offered for hearing and balance instrumentation.

According to the Audiology Systems announcement, the company’s care plans are detailed product support packages designed to help audiologists and hearing care professionals save time and money so there is more time for patient care. The company reports that customers who purchase an Audiology Systems Care Plan will have exclusive and direct access to a team of skilled service professionals, account managers, audiologists, and dedicated customer support staff. The goal of this support team of experts, according to Audiology Systems, is to ensure that technical challenges are addressed as quickly as possible.

“Purchasing medical equipment is a big deal and we know that your investment deserves more than a limited manufacturer’s warranty,” said Chris Dean, director of commercial service at Audiology Systems. “You want to take care of that investment, and make the most of your product experience with extra protection and support. Audiology Systems Care Plans do just that.”

The Audiology Systems Care Plan features a 3-tier program for new purchases and for existing instrumentation within a practice, says the company. The 3 tiers are: Essential Care, Extended Care, and Exceptional Care. Each package is said to include varying levels of support for technical assistance and repairs, audiology and education, as well as rewards for consumables and additional purchases. The Exceptional Care tier is the most complete package, says the company, consisting of a 3-year product warranty, 24-hour expedited up-time support, priority access to the loaner pool, discounted remote audiology services, and complimentary courses.

Audiology Systems says its Calibration Care is now available for products within the Audiology Systems portfolio, as well as other hearing and balance instrumentation. Calibration Care Plans, which are available in multi-year terms, are said to give customers a pre-planned, personalized care package that can help reduce the time and money spent on keeping track of maintenance, calibration, and training schedules throughout the year.

For more information about Audiology Systems Care Plans, please visit the Audiology Systems website.

Source: Audiology Systems