Secaucus, NJ — Panasonic Healthcare Group has launched the JZ Power WH-105JZ hearing instrument with binaural audio headset, designed for mild to severe hearing loss.

The JZ Power WH-105JZ expands the hearing range of previous JZ models. A palm-sized unit, it features an LCD screen and a stereo binaural headset that is designed to comfortably fit into the patient’s ear canal and stay in place for long hours of wear.

Available in blue, black and silver, this digital hearing instrument includes five channels. noise reduction technology, wind noise management, feedback management, L/R balance, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

Additionally, a slide power switch and volume control are easily accessible for individuals with dexterity challenges or impaired vision.

To create optimal sound in various listening settings, the Scene Selector Function allows for four fixed scene modes: standard, music, party, and indoors.

The JZ Power also comes with a rechargeable battery that can easily be charged by placing the main unit in the charging cradle, or it can use commercial AAA alkaline batteries.

SOURCE: Panasonic Hearing Instruments