American BioHealth Group (ABG), a pharmaceutical company in San Diego founded in 2001, will announce the positive results on the first compound shown in a clinical trial to prevent hearing loss. Details will be published in peer-review journals in the next 60 days.

The Hearing Pill® was developed from a military patent and a clinical trial was partly funded by the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT) San Bernardino, a Department of Defense (DOD)-sponsored–United States Navy and the Office of Naval Research–advanced technology commercialization program administered by an academic-industry-government collaborative partnership.

According to ABG, each year, the DOD and the Department of Veterans Affairs spends more than $1 billion on hearing-loss compensation, while the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force combined file 22,000 new hearing-loss claims. Additionally, hearing loss in the United States costs the economy $56 billion. Acoustic trauma annually causes reduced hearing capacity for 39 million Americans. At present exposure limits, one in four Americans will develop permanent hearing loss as a result of occupational exposure to noise  hazards. The intention of developing the pill was to dramatically cut these costs and claims.

Following 7 years of laboratory development and an Institutional Review Board-approved, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the active ingredient in The Hearing Pill was found to reduce the incidence of hearing loss as a result of acoustic  trauma. The active ingredient is unique in that it upregulates important intrinsic chemicals in the body, at the same time protecting the mitochondrial from spiraling into apoptotic action or  preprogrammed cell death.

ABG hopes that, along with the use of normal ear protection, The Hearing Pill will  reduce the debilitating effects of noise-induced hearing loss. Besides the obvious military  applications, The Hearing Pill can also be useful in many occupations that typically expose people to high levels of noise. There are also recreational applications for those involved in  hunting and shooting sports, as well as people attending live concerts.

The Hearing Pill is a pharmaceutical-grade nutraceutical, No prescription is needed. For more information, visit http://www.thehearingpill.com or call (858) 675-3600.

[SOURCE: American Biohealth Group]