Oticon announced that the Xceed is now available through the Veterans Affairs (VA) Administration, Department of Defense (DOD), and other federal agencies. Built on the Velox S platform, the new power hearing aid features BrainHearing technology “proven to deliver better speech clarity and better short-term recall while reducing the listening effort people with severe-to-profound hearing loss struggle with in day-to-day listening situations.*” With 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on gain†, Xceed offers a number of “industry firsts” tailored to the unique needs of veterans and active duty service personnel with severe-to-profound hearing loss.
“For the first time, VA and government audiologists can fit patients with a power hearing aid proven to provide high speech clarity while reducing listening effort, even in complex listening situations,” said David Horowitz, AuD, director, Oticon Government Services. “Oticon Xceed Super Power and Xceed Ultra Power round out the Velox S product family available through the Veterans Administration and that now includes choices for patients with mild-to-profound hearing loss and fitting levels from 105 to a new 120 level.”

Optimal Gain with Reduced Feedback Risk

Xceed is reportedly “the first power hearing aid with OpenSound Navigator (OSN) to provide more access to speech and less listening effort, and OpenSound Optimizer to deliver optimal gain with reduced risk of feedback,” according to the company’s announcement. Unlike traditional technology in power solutions that is said to close down sounds earlier in noise to improve signal-to-noise ratio, BrainHearing technology in Xceed delivers “better access to speech with up to 11dB improvement in signal-to-noise ratio—even in complex listening situations where adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss are challenged most.**”

BrainHearing Benefits for Power Users

OSN technology works to analyze, prioritize, and preserve speech from all directions while “significantly reducing noise,” according to Oticon. Results from an independent study show that OSN technology in Xceed improves speech clarity by 10%, reduces listening effort by 10%, and increases short-term recall by 15% for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss.*

OpenSound Optimizer in Xceed helps prevent feedback from occurring and helps reduce gain reductions throughout the day to provide patients with more consistent access to speech, the company says. This gives  VA and government audiologists a new level of freedom to create a personalized sound experience, with “the highest full-on gain and output in the industry (146dB SPL MPO and 87 dB full-on gain†) and a dedicated prescriptive fitting rationale.”

Wireless Connectivity

Xceed helps enable power users to open up to a connected world at home or on the go through wireless accessories with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low-energy technology. The new power solution is Made for iPhone and connects to any modern smartphones via ConnectClip to stream sound hands-free to both ears.  With the Oticon ON App, veterans  can regulate volume, change programs, or simply turn off their hearing aids with complete discretion.


Xceed is available in two styles: super power (BTE SP, 110) and ultra power (BTE UP, 120). New design with push buttons for each control make it easy to control volume and program.

For more information about Oticon Xceed and the entire family of Oticon hearing solutions built on the Velox S platform, visit: https://www.oticon.com/solutions/for-veterans.

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† Values shown are based upon IEC measurements for Xceed 1 BTE UP.

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Source: Oticon

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