Oticon Government Services Manager Tom Dowd joined with Homes For Our Troops,  government and military officials in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly built, specially adapted custom home for Army Corporal Kevin McCloskey, the hearing aid manufacturer announced.

Oticon is a proud supporter of Homes For Our Troops (HFOT), a privately funded, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. At the ceremony, Dowd presented a $5,000 check from Oticon to HFOT Manager of Corporate Philanthropy Matt McGuire to support the home build.

Check presentation with McClosky and HFOT rep.

Check presentation with Kevin McCloskey and HFOT representatives.

“Oticon is proud to partner with Homes For Our Troops to support US Veterans, like Corporal Kevin McCloskey, who have so generously served their country,” said Dowd.  “Each day, through the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and other federal agencies, Oticon provides hearing solutions that improve quality of life for our nation’s retired and active duty service members. We are consistently humbled by and grateful for the sacrifices made by each and every one of these true American heroes.”

Following a flag raising and color-guard presentation, the McCloskey family welcomed visitors to tour the new four-bedroom, two-bath, specially adapted custom energy-efficient home. The right size home, like all HFOT homes, is said to be designed to restore some of the freedom and independence veterans sacrificed defending the country. McCloskey was injured in Afghanistan and sustained the loss of both his legs, vision loss in his right eye, burns over his body, and a traumatic brain injury.

This is the third year that Oticon has designated a $5,000 donation to support construction of a specially adapted custom home for an injured veteran. Oticon also presented the new homeowner with a gas grill as a special housewarming gift.

The Oticon team stands with the gas grill donated to McCloskey.

The Oticon team stands with the gas grill donated to Kevin McCloskey.

For more information about Oticon Government Services and Oticon solutions available through the Veterans Administration, visit www.Oticon.com/professionals/government.

 Source: Oticon

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