Summary: Amptify introduced a new curriculum designed to support individuals with auditory processing disorders, hidden hearing loss, and those needing simpler language instruction.


  1. Customized Training: The curriculum includes gamified auditory brain training exercises tailored to improve auditory processing skills.
  2. Personalized Support: Participants are able to receive guidance from dedicated hearing health coaches throughout their rehabilitation journey.
  3. Diverse Reach: The program benefits children and adults with minimal to moderate hearing loss, as well as adult English language learners with basic proficiency.

Hearing healthcare platform Amptify announced the launch of its new APD/Youth/ELL curriculum, a program designed to support those with auditory processing disorders, hidden hearing loss, and individuals who benefit from simpler language instruction due to age or language proficiency.

Developing the New Curriculum

Amptify’s decision to develop the APD/Youth/ELL curriculum came directly from feedback from its community of audiologists and patients. There’s a significant need for specialized resources for individuals who don’t necessarily suffer from measurable hearing loss but face substantial auditory challenges in noisy environments, or have difficulties with speech recognition and processing, the company says.

What the APD/Youth/ELL Curriculum Offers

The APD/Youth/ELL curriculum is part of Amptify’s broader strategy to ensure that no patient is left behind in the journey toward better auditory health. This program includes:

  • Customized Auditory Brain Training Games: These are a set of gamified exercises designed to train auditory processing skills and speech discrimination in various linguistic contexts.
  • Dedicated Hearing Health Coaching: Each participant has access to a hearing health coach who provides personalized guidance and support throughout their rehabilitation journey.
  • Peer Support Community: Patients can connect with others who share similar challenges, fostering an environment of mutual support and encouragement.
  • Progress Monitoring: Participants and their audiologists have access to tools on the Amptify platform that allow them to track their training adherence and progress.

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A Curriculum Designed for Diversity

This curriculum supports:

  • Children and Adults with minimal to no pure-tone hearing loss but who still experience listening challenges. 
  • Children with mild to moderate hearing loss who would benefit from the curriculum’s content but have a lower reading level than our generic curriculum.
  • Adult English Language Learners who have a basic proficiency in English but would benefit from a curriculum with more simple language.

The company says it is excited to see how this new curriculum will impact lives and empower individuals across different ages and backgrounds to achieve better hearing health. 

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