Eosera, a biotechnology company specializing in ear care products, announced that it has more than doubled its sales from the previous year. In 2019, sales grew 128% compared to the previous year, and they continue to climb again into the new year, according to the company’s announcement.

Product Line Up with Ear Clean.png

Eosera Product Lineup

Eosera announces that EARWAX MD is driving “significant growth in the earwax removal category, and EAR ITCH MD is the first and only product of its kind.” Additionally, Eosera reports that EAR PAIN MD is “up 163% since last year,” according to the latest AC Nielson data.

CEO Elyse Dickerson and CSO Joe Griffin note that their favorite parts about creating new products are the creativity involved and the challenge of meeting consumer needs.

“It’s understanding what the consumer needs are and figuring out how to address them in a way that’s different from what the competitors are doing,” said Dickersn.

According to Griffin, “It’s rewarding to develop something that can help people that doesn’t currently exist. It’s gratifying to see a project from start to finish.”

Source: Eosera

Images: Eosera