London — A new EuroTrak UK study shows that 39% of people who consult their general practitioner (GP) about their hearing loss do not go any further to seek treatment.

The study included 14,980 UK consumers who answered questions about their hearing and their knowledge of hearing aids.

Other key findings:

  • 3.5 million people in UK should be wearing hearing aids and are not;
  • UK has lower hearing test rates than the rest of Europe (31% UK, 47% France,
  • 55% Germany);
  • 58% of hearing aid wearers were guided by their GP;
  • 77% of users are satisfied with their hearing aids;
  • 74% of hearing aid wearers received a free-of-charge instrument from the National Health Service;
  • 93% of hearing aid owners use their aids regularly; a substantial improvement on other studies.

Professor Adrian Davis, National Director for Newborn Hearing Screening Program, commented in the press statement, "The very large numbers of people (39%) who have identified that they have hearing problems … and are not being referred for hearing tests or to see an audiologists by their GP, is an issue that deserves further investigation.”

The British Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association, which represents the majority of UK-based hearing aid manufacturers, is promoting the findings of this study. Unlike the United States, Britain’s National Health System covers most of the cost of hearing aids.

EuroTrak studies are comparable to the MarkeTrak studies carried out in the United States by Dr
Sergei Kochkin, a frequent contributor to The Hearing Review. EuroTrak was designed and executed by market research company Anovum on behalf of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA).

To see a comparison of EuroTrak and MarkeTrak figures, see the February 2011 edition of HR or click here.

SOURCE: Anovum – EuroTrak UK 2010 and The British Hearing Aid Manufacturers Association