There are multiple ear hook options available for ReSound Mini BTEs. In order to enhance the flexibility of the GN ReSound Mini BTE line of hearing instruments, all mini BTEs are available with 3 ear hook options, as well as a thin-tube adapter. When combined with various tubing options, you may choose from the following configurations: As each hook has its own length and curvature, you may select the hook that maximizes the cosmetic appeal and comfort for individual ears. The wide assortment of ear hook and adapter options ensures that a single product will comfortably fit every ear and will afford you and your patient the option to expand the fitting range if the hearing loss should progress.

Mini BTEs will be shipped with the standard ear hook configured for #13 tubing. It is suggested that you use this configuration when conducting test box verification measures.

How to Change the Ear Hooks
1. Locate the pin at the base of the ear hook/adapter, which is used to fasten the existing hook/adapter to the BTE case.
2. Using the white pin tool provided in your Thin Tube Kit, push against the pin on one side of the case. The pin will protrude on the opposite side of the case.
3. Using needle-nose pliers, remove the pin.  
4. Remove the existing hook/adapter from the hearing instrument.
5. Position the new hook/adapter on the hearing instrument.
6. Re-insert the pin using needle-nose pliers. Once properly inserted, each end of the pin will be flush with the case.  

For information, contact:
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