Auricle Ink Publishers, Sedona, Ariz, has released of The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Noise, Marshall Chasin, AuD, editor.

“This book was prompted by the need for education. As we know, noise is the Number One most preventable cause of hearing loss worldwide,” said Richard Carmen, publisher, “and while there have been significant strides toward getting the word out about the dangers of noise, there remain high risk factors in many segments of industry and even for recreational participants.”

The roster of contributors includes top scholars in their respective areas including Alberto Behar, Richard Salvi, Ed Lobarinas, Wei Sun, Arline Bronzaft, Brian Fligor, Margaret Cheesman, Thais Morata, David Baguley, Ken Einhorn, Douglas Lewis, Lee Hager, and William Gastmeier.

The 224-page handbook covers information of interest to consumers and industry professionals, and could be a beneficial educational tool for university courses.

Chapter topics include basics of hearing loss, noise, and measurement; anatomy/physiology; harmful physical/mental effects; recreational noise; hearing in noise; combination of noise with chemicals in the workplace; tinnitus/hyperacusis; medical consequences; hearing care and the law; standards and protection; and architectural strategies. There is an extensive glossary and index.

Those interested in previewing this book may visit the publisher’s Web site for excerpts from all of the chapters.

Kathy Peck, executive director and co-founder of Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, in her review for consumers said “This is an excellent book! Gifted hearing professionals take you through a comprehensive guide on how noise can affect our hearing and the significance of their research. Wish every musician, sound engineer, and music lover would get a copy! Loved it!”

Bulk order discounts, catalogs, and more information are available from the company.

[Source: Auricle Ink]