Debary, Fla – audifon USA introduces “via,” a wireless CROS/BiCROS system designed for unaidable hearing loss on one side, due to single sided deafness (SSD) or other causes.

via utilizes a fully integrated real-time transmission technology based on near field magnetic induction (NFMI), which effectively resists signal interference while wirelessly streaming the audio signal from the customer’s unaidable ear to the better ear.

NFMI also allows program and volume control synchronization between both systems for easier customer control.

via also includes audifon’s "sound resync" function, which appropriately synchronizes signals of transmitter and receiver in BiCROS applications. Digitally coded transmission eliminates the need for transmitter or receiver calibration.

The via CROS/BiCROS system is programmable with audifon’s user-friendly fitting software, "audifit," and also offers an open fitting option and "easy thin tube" for instant fitting ability.

SOURCE: audifon USA