Wantagh, NY — Hearing accessory manufacturer, Amplicom USA, is now offering the AB900 Amplified Answering Machine, which features tone, volume, and message speed control to help those with hearing loss.

The AB900 was developed by Amplicom to provide amplified sound clarity and an easy-to-use interface. An adjustable volume can be amplified up to maximum 40dB, or hearing impaired users can also listen to their messages via a 3.5mm audio jack designed for headsets or neck loops.

Other hearing-related features include a rotary frequency tone control and a rotary play back speed control. 

While the unit was designed for those with hearing loss, its volume and tone are able to be reset at the touch of a button, allowing any member of the household, regardless of hearing impairment, to use the device without interfering with hearing impaired features.

In addition to its hearing features, the answering machine includes large, clearly labeled buttons to help users who may also have mild vision loss.

SOURCE: Amplicom USA