Month: December 2011

Digital Wireless Hearing Aids, Part 4: Interference

With the wide array of high-tech gadgets in use today, it is inevitable that interference will pose challenges for hearing aids. Very often it can be difficult to determine the exact source of interference, but it is helpful if the patient can describe the environment where interference is noted. This article explains the various forms and routes of interference, and provides practical advice about mitigating interference problems in digital wireless hearing aids.

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Meeting the First-Time User Challenge

This study looks at several factors related to first-time use of hearing aids using a device that employs a system of gradual gain increases during the first month of use until it reaches full prescriptive gain. Some benefits derived from the use of help systems are realized almost immediately and grow as the hearing aid increases the amplification, while others provide benefit over time, as the auditory system learns to use new speech and spatial cues .

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