Dallas — Melmedtronics has announced that the Veterans Administration’s National Acquisition Center has awarded a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract for the company’s The Inhibitor™ tinnitus treatment device.

Dr David Holmes, CEO and senior scientist at Melmedtronics and the developer of The Inhibitor™ device, said in the press release that The Inhibitor has received FDA 510(k) clearance and that it provides temporary relief of tinnitus with a 1-minute treatment, using ultrasound.

He added that VA audiologists can now order The Inhibitor devices through the FSS and reportedly be able to evaluate tinnitus patients in 1 minute. If they’re responsive, physicians can then dispense the Inhibitor device to these patients.

Melmedtronics said that nearly 70% of patients treated with its device experience immediate relief, though it also states that results are temporary. Relief durations can range from minutes, to hours, or days, but treatment can be repeated as needed.

Patients apply the device to the side of their head behind an ear and press the on button for relief in 60 seconds.

Melmedtronics was formed in 2007 and specializes in hearing disorder-related products.

SOURCE: Melmedtronics