The 2019 Oticon Audiology Summer Camp celebrated its 22nd year by hosting the annual professional development event’s largest ever group of graduate students in audiology—113 future professionals representing a cross section of US universities, according to an announcement by Oticon. This year’s gathering, held in Keystone, Colo, focused on “Standing Out As a Professional.” In a series of lectures and workshops led by Oticon experts, students acquired insights and practical skills designed to help them distinguish themselves as professionals throughout all phases of audiological care, with a special focus on amplification.
“The Oticon Audiology Summer Camp is designed to supplement and complement students’ education with relevant, practical professional world knowledge and insights,” said Don Schum, PhD, Vice President of Audiology for Oticon, Inc who developed the US summer camp program.  “Since the program was launched in 1998, the curriculum has evolved continually to reflect changes in hearing healthcare.  Our core focus remains—to help students successfully transition to a career in audiology in the evolving world of hearing healthcare.”

This year’s “camp counselors”—an expert team of Oticon audiologists, researchers, and hearing industry veterans—provided students with professional perspectives and real-world insights, complemented by hands-on workshops. In-depth general sessions engaged students in formal and informal discussions on a range of topics including counseling challenges, the future of connected hearing care, and the special needs of pediatric and older patients.

In professional development sessions, students explored the responsibilities they might expect in different settings, from clinical/academia and pediatrics/educational audiology to government services and private practice.

For graduate students participating in their first professional development event, the Oticon Audiology Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity to begin to establish their own professional networks.

“We know that the best learning experiences occur in a stimulating environment with the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with peers,” said Randi Pogash, AuD, manager, clinical studies for Oticon, Inc who is responsible for the Oticon university program. “We hope that the summer camp experience will be the first of many Oticon professional development events that these young professionals will participate in throughout their careers.”

To learn more about Oticon resources for audiology students, visit: For information about the Oticon Audiology Summer Camp program, contact Randi R. Pogash, AuD at:  [email protected].

Source: Oticon

Image: Oticon