BHealth, the range of global services provided for health professionals by Microson—a Barcelona, Spain-based hearing aid manufacturer that is part of the Gaes Group—and Gaes, will be attending the medical technology trade fair MEDICA, Microson and Gaes announced. The event will take place in Dusseldorf between November 13-16.

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Microson and Gaes will attend MEDICA for the first time under the brand BHealth, encompassing all the medical and technological services otorhinolaryngology professionals may need or request, according to the company’s announcement. As such, they will be presenting their global services and latest innovations in hearing technology at this event.

The work philosophy of BHealth is said to revolve around four values, according to the company: Believe, given that it is designed to be a fully customized, open service that can be adapted to the customer’s needs; Best, as it said to offer the safety of two trusted brands, Gaes and Microson, which reportedly have over 65 years of experience in the market and a team specialized in R&D; Bond, because it reportedly has the ability to link and provide coverage anywhere in the world; and Business, as, according to BHealth, it is fully focused on helping customers achieve the business aims of their medical consultancies or health companies.

According to Inma Cabrera, marketing manager at Microson and GAES BHealth, “We seek to provide a response to all the needs otorhinolaryngology professionals may have by using our services. We offer advice and training, and we also provide the equipment necessary to help ensure the success of their medical consultancies or businesses.”

Source: Microson, Gaes