Almost every person who makes an appointment for an initial hearing consultation has some misconceptions and emotional baggage they’re bringing into your office. But what if you could do some “advance work” and turn all these issues into learning points?

Brad Dodson In this half-hour webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, Brad Dodson shows how the Hearing News Network educates patients while they’re in the waiting room of your practice. Dodson shows how you can implement a system that addresses, in advance, the underlying causes of patients’ emotions like anxiety, confusion, fear, and skepticism, and diffuse their reservations while giving them hope for a better future with better hearing.

The webinar is available now for viewing on-demand by clicking here.

Special Event: CareCredit is also involved in a special session at this week’s Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) AuDacity 2016 Convention, offering new information about the patient’s path to purchase and how you can help pave their way. The session, “Excelling at Every Phase of the Patient’s Hearing Health Journey: How to Attract, Engage Patients, & Create Patient Advocates,” takes place from 1:45-3:15 PM on Saturday, November 12.