In December, The Hearing Review posts its list of free webinars — now available on demand here at and at our sister site,, sponsored by CareCredit. These webinars are for hearing care professionals, private practice owners, and others in the hearing healthcare industry. The webinars were provided on our websites throughout 2016 courtesy of CareCredit to serve as helpful resources. We round them up here for our readers as they gear up for a successful 2017.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Hearing ReviewThe webinars are listed and described below, along with links for easy access.

Webinar: Five Things Your Patients Should Know BEFORE Seeing You!

Brad Dodson of ClearSounds Communication explains how patients who come to you for hearing consultations generally have misconceptions and emotional baggage they’re lugging into your office. Dodson says you can do some “advance work” and get important issues clarified and defuse anxieties prior to your meeting by considering 5 common emotions that patients bring to your office: anxiety, confusion, fear, skepticism, and hope. With digital media it’s possible to turn all these issues into learning points and move forward to better hearing solutions and patient adherence to your recommendations. This webinar helps you identify these 5 emotions, implement a system to address them, and see examples of how digital video streaming in your waiting room works to educate. VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE.

Webinar: Six Simple Ways to Create the Practice of Your Dreams

Gyl Kasewurm, AuD — a 30-year hearing industry veteran and owner of an extremely successful private practice — provides “the long view” for how to build the practice of your dreams. In this 17-minute webinar, Dr Kasewurm provides her inside tips for setting and attaining goals, keeping track of the key performance indicators of the practice, concentrating on revenue generation and learning how to delegate, building a strong and loyal patient base, and more. VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE.

Webinar: The Client Has Near-normal Hearing. Now What?

Brian Taylor, AuD, summarizes findings from recent studies on people with mild hearing loss or near-normal hearing, and introduces strategies and tools for assessing how you might be of greater service to them while paving a path for better hearing health and communication. Dr Taylor addresses information on working-age adults with normal audiogram thresholds and self-reported difficulties hearing in common listening situations; self-reported measures as an important part of clinical management and for gaining insights into the “patient-perspective,” and how individuals reporting problems in specific listening situations may benefit from situational remediation, including the use of “hearables” and other strategies. VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE.

Webinar: Battling Big Box Retailers

Long-time industry leader Tina Soika, MS, president of American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA), offers a game-plan for competing with Big Box retailers and winning. Soika addresses the power of your unique value proposition and how to develop it; the 6 most successful strategies private practices can utilize to compete against Big Box stores, and how to engage your team in your competitive efforts. VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE.

Webinar: How Low Can You Go? Practical Considerations When Offering a Low-priced Hearing Aid

Dan Quall, MS, takes you through the basic steps of establishing a “cost-plus” model for the pricing of lower-cost products and services. This webinar will allow you to figure out when and how to offer a low-cost option; calculate the key clinical revenue metric: revenue per clinical hour; understand a “cost-plus” pricing model based on an unbundling scenario, and see that there is more value to this pricing model than just gross profit—or the “3 Rs” of a satisfied customer. With “affordability and accessibility” being the new buzzwords of the hearing industry, this is a “must-see” webinar that provides great practical advice about offering low-cost hearing care options—without threatening the solvency of your business or giving away your valuable services. VIEW THE WEBINAR HERE.

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