Piscataway, NJ — Siemens Hearing Instruments has added four more videos to its YouTube customer testimonial campaign. The new additions include customer testimonials about Aquaris, Pure with miniTek, and iMini models.

The Pure with miniTek testimonial is from a patient who says his quality of life improved at work and at home through using Siemens’ Pure 701 with miniTek.

In the iMini video, an aerospace engineer talks about how iMini is discreet while meeting his technology needs.

For Aquaris, Siemens’ waterproof hearing aid, the company produced two new videos. The first has a woman who has an active lifestyle and who loves to kayak. The second Aquaris testimonial comes from a man who is an avid woodworker and stained glass maker. He says his audiologist recommended Aquaris for its dustproof and shock-resistent attributes.

Video customer testimonials are typically an effective marketing method, because they reflect the concerns of new patients who look to peers for assurance that the product is effective.

Using YouTube’s embed-codes, hearing health clinicians can easily add these testimonials to their own websites or  play them on a monitor in their waiting rooms.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments