The October 2013 Hearing Review Table of Contents (Vol 20, No 11)


How to Verify Wireless Technology

By Peter Kossek and Charlotte T. Jespersen, MA

A look at the main applications in which wireless hearing aid technology is used, and practical step-by-step tips for verifying wireless features.

10 Questions About Frequency Compression

By Thomas A. Powers, PhD, Heike Heuermann, PhD, and Ronny Hannemann, PhD

A review of the 10 most commonly asked questions regarding the fitting applications of frequency compression technology, and guidelines designed to foster optimum implementation. 

An Overview of OAEs and Normative Data for DPOAEs

By Jessica Arrue Ramos, MAudSt, MAudSA (CCP); Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen, MA; and Douglas L. Beck, AuD

OAE concepts, the application of screening versus diagnostic OAEs, as well as normative data to help clinicians in the interpretation of DPOAEs.

Speech Priority Noise Reduction: A Digital Noise Reduction Preference Study

By Tara Helbling, AuD, Matthias Vormann, PhD, and Kirsten Wagener, PhD

A blinded paired-comparison study suggests that listeners preferred a fast-acting Speech Priority Noise Reduction system over a competitive noise reduction strategy.      

Comparison of Different Directional Microphone Technologies for Moderate-to-Severe Hearing Loss

By Steffen Kreikemeier, PhD, Sabine Margolf-Hackl, Juliane Raether, Dipl-Ing(FH), Elmar Fichtl, PhD, and Jürgen Kiessling, PhD

This study looks at three directional responses in a challenging environment for people with moderate-to-severe loss.


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Blog Page: What Hearing Loss Research Tells Me About Me, By Gael Hannan

Back to Basics: Slope of PI Function Is Not 10%-per-dB in Noise for All Noises and for All Patients, By Marshall Chasin, AuD


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Final Word: Developing a Personalized Plan for a Successful Hearing Rehabilitation Approach, By Dennis Van Vliet, AuD


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