GN Otometrics is presenting its FittingNOW! Winter Series 2013, in conjunction with sister company GN ReSound.

The FittingNOW! Winter Series 2013 is designed to provide practicing clinicians and hearing health care professionals with updated information and techniques to apply when fitting amplification. This workshop will focus on the application of 2.4 GHz wireless technology for ear-to-ear communication and connection to audio devices. It will also update participants on the ways in which modern technology is meeting the needs of an aging population.

The course will be conducted by Wendy Switalski, AuD, audiology development manager at Audiology Systems Inc, and Stephen A. Hallenback, AuD, senior audiologist in global audiology at GN ReSound. Switalski, in addition to her position at Audiology Systems, has a private audiology practice, serving both adult and pediatric populations. At GN ReSound, Hallenback, conducts clinical research trials to assess hearing instrument function and measure patient benefit with amplification.

The FittingNOW Winter Series 2013 will teach participants about, and demonstrate ReSound’s latest technology behind wireless hearing instruments. Participants will learn how ear-to-ear communication works and the ways in which it will benefit the patient. Additionally, they will learn about best practices for recommending and fitting hearing instruments, including the latest form factors such as the micro CIC and power BTE. Finally, participants will gain insight into managing challenging patient scenarios, including how to transition patients to a new amplification system and how to align patients’ perceived “loudness” with their prescribed gain and output needs.

The next installment of the FittingNOW Winter Series 2013 is being offered on March 20, in Melville, New York, and on March 21 in New York City. The course qualifies for 3 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) by the International Hearing Society, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and the American Academy of Audiology.

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SOURCE: GN Otometrics