Vision Benefits of America, Inc (VBA), a commercial group benefits organization, announced it has partnered with Your Hearing Network (YHN), a national network of independent hearing care professionals. YHN will provide VBA members with a hearing savings program.

“Our focus is on helping our members maintain their overall health,”said Jeff Hollowood, President and CEO at VBA. “Through the hearing care program offered by Your Hearing Network, members have access to more ways to stay healthy and save money.”

The program offers VBA members exclusive hearing aid benefits and discounts. Members gain access to licensed audiologists and hearing specialists across the country and the latest in digital hearing aids. Additional benefits include discounts on devices and accessories, extended warranties, and free hearing aid batteries.

“Hearing and vision are both major senses that connect us to the world. Just as we need to have regular vision examinations, frequent hearing evaluations are equally important,“ said Dr Cindy Beyer, audiologist and vice president, contracting and compliance at YHN. “Hearing loss affects over 30 million Americans and is associated with important quality of life issues, such as self-esteem, social connectivity, and job productivity. The good news is that hearing aids today are remarkably effective. With artificial intelligence, Bluetooth capability, and wireless connectivity, hearing aids are very successful in improving hearing and communication, even for the busiest lifestyles.”

Source: VBA

Image: © Oleg Dudko |