Unitron-360degreespeech-illustration_2x4_HR Unitron, Kitchener, Canada, has announced the Pro, the new premium technology level for its Moxi2 and Quantumproduct families. Pro delivers a number of industry leading enhancements, including SpeechZone™ 2, ensuring that wearers experience incredibly natural sound, less distraction from everyday noises, and superior speech understanding to create an ultimate listening experience.

360° Speech Detection

Unique to Pro for Quantum2 and Moxi2, SpeechZone 2 is designed to pinpoint speech within 360° and respond intelligently to provide superior results for speech in noise. Activated when speech is present in a noisy environment, its sensors rapidly determine if speech is coming from the front, back, left, or right side of the listener, says the company. SpeechZone 2 then automatically selects a binaural or asymmetric synchronized microphone strategy to ensure the best possible speech understanding in noise. This ability to target speech from any direction is made possible by the next generation of binaural spatial processing.

“Anytime we can make a hearing instrument more intelligent, we have an opportunity to provide a better hearing experience for the wearer,” says Don Hayes, PhD, Unitron’s director of clinical research. “With SpeechZone 2 we are able to target the exact location of speech, providing wearers with ease of listening in some of the most challenging listening circumstances. The binaural system enabling SpeechZone 2 is uniquely efficient in that it has two intelligent subsystems working independently, yet coordinating when necessary. And its automatic approach works five times faster; enabling accurate, rapid detection of speech without compromising awareness, or creating disruption for the wearer.”

Enhanced Listening Experience for Patients

Powered by the Era™ platform, Moxi2 Pro and QuantumPro offer wearers an ultimate listening experience in all environments, reports the company. To accomplish this, they utilize a combination of advanced technologies: a sophisticated four destination Automatic Program, SmartFocus2 and SpeechZone 2, provide patients with ease of listening in both quiet and noisy environments. The orchestration of these technologies is said to result in incredibly natural sound, less distraction from everyday noises, and better understanding of speech in noise.

Available with Flex™

Individuals seeking to “test drive” Pro with either Quantum2 or Moxi2 hearing instruments can do so through Unitron’s unique Flex:trial™ program that allows patients to experience the benefits of amplification in their everyday lives with no risk or obligation. And for current wearers of Moxi2 or Quantum2 hearing instruments looking to experience this premium technology level, there is Flex:upgrade™.

“With the introduction of Pro for Quantumand Moxi2,  we complete Unitron’s next generation product portfolio and once again deliver significant advancements for speech understanding in noise,” says Bruce Brown, vice president of global marketing at Unitron. “We are committed to providing our hearing healthcare partners with full product lines—including best in class premium products—and advancements that will truly address their patients’ needs and ultimately lead to greater practice success.”

The global availability of Quantum2 Pro and Moxi2 Pro begins at the end of April 2014.

Source: Unitron