Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier, 65, the Olympic and former world heavyweight champion recently upgraded his hearing solutions to Oticon Dual from Oticon, Somerset, NJ. 

The state-of-the-art hearing devices kept up with the busy boxing entrepreneur and charitable-foundation founder, who continues to bob and weave his way through community, business and social engagements.

“When I work with the young boxing hopefuls, I need to be able to hold up my end of the conversation,” Frazier says. “The noise in the gym can create problems for me. Hearing clearly in social and business situations is also important to me. Dual’s excellent sound quality gives me the fighting edge I need.”

The new high tech hearing device offers a synergy of high-performance technology and aesthetics, and is designed to deliver spatial sound and wireless connectivity in a sleek, small shell.

Oticon Vice President of Marketing Gordon Wilson met with Frazier in his adopted hometown of Philadelphia to talk about his experiences with Dual.  “True to his reputation, Mr Frazier is a person who doesn’t pull any punches,” says Wilson.  “As an experienced hearing device user, he had very clear requirements for his upgraded hearing device but he also wanted style and a discreet look. "

Known for his dapper appearance, Frazier praises Dual for enabling him to zero in on the softer, high pitched voices of his female fans. “Hearing the ladies at social gatherings was a problem for me,” says Frasier. “Now I can join in the conversations without struggling to understand what is being said.” 

[Source: Oticon]