AuDStandard, an unbundled hearing aid buying group, announced that it has acquired Paradigm Growth 360, a hearing healthcare marketing and automation company. This acquisition will reportedly allow AuDStandard “to provide the industry’s most innovative and effective marketing services to current and future clients,.” The new entity is called HearWorks to reflect the many “works” that it will perform to hearing healthcare practices across the country.

“The rise of third parties and insurance have greatly increased the need for a medium to produce qualified private-pay leads,” said Tucker Worster, Owner, AuDStandard. “This is, far and away, the most common issue raised by our membership. At AuDStandard, we are committed to providing our members with effective and affordable tools that are proven to work.”

“I am especially excited about adding Erik Sorenson and Nick Weber to the team. Each has unique and vast industry experience and they are both incredibly passionate in the work they do. What they have developed, their experience, and their credibility instantly augment our value proposition,” he said.

Worster sought out Paradigm Growth 360 because of what he says is its “reputation in bringing innovation, technology, strategy, and the ability to generate private-pay leads to a level not currently available in the industry.” Paradigm Growth 360 is said to deploy a strategy of “creating a journey for each patient, thus driving more private pay leads and caring for those patients throughout their experience through Automated Patient Care.”

“At Paradigm Growth 360, we are laser focused on ways to engage private-pay customers, deliver a message that is important to them, and lead them to our client’s treatment rooms,” said Erik Sorenson, Co-founder of Paradigm Growth 360. “The results have been astounding and it has generated a lot of happy clients.”

The acquisition will help provide members access to a wide range of services designed to help hearing practices increase revenue 15-30%, AuDStandard says. The services are available to members at a discount or no additional cost.  

“The shifting ground in our industry requires a shift in strategy,” said Sorenson. “It’s time to breathe new life into the way we market to patients so they can see a clear path to treating their hearing loss with private-practice clinics.”

In addition to buying power and marketing services, HearWorks will help provide mastery programs on a variety of topics such as phones, patients, and marketing.

To learn more about this opportunity, attend one of two Facebook Live events on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 12:30PM (EST) or 5PM (EST) at or visit:

Source: AuDStandard

Images: AuDStandard, HearWorks