Blueprint Solutions LLC, Eden Prairie, Minn, is introducing its hearing care office management system (OMS) in the United States, after 5 years of successful implementation in hearing clinics in Canada.

The system has been modified and enhanced to provide total business solutions: it manages patient data, hearing equipment, medical information, billing, and provides a marketing and promotion module that helps business owners and managers stay in touch with their patient base.

“Blueprint OMS is more than just office management software. It provides a foundation for improving productivity and efficiency in an office, resulting in increased revenue and sustainable savings," says Henrik Nielsen, the company’s president. "It makes it easy for a clinic to maintain a relationship with its patients and more fully leverage promotions and resell opportunities.”

The Internet-based system is using advanced database and application tools to create an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.

“There is no need for investment in expensive computer equipment or upfront cost for software packages," says says Richard Mitchell, the company’s business solutions manager. "Getting started and using Blueprint OMS is extremely cost-effective and adds a competitive edge.”

For more information, call (877) 686-8410, or click here.

Blueprint Solutions will be at AAA, booth 637.

[Source: Blueprint Solutions]