Hearing professionals know that one of the most serious consequences of hearing loss is a breakdown in communication among family members. They also know that,  historically, men with hearing loss will wait up to 5 years before seeking appropriate help.

As a result, and in honor of Father’s Day, Avada Hearing Care Centers, Butler, Pa, have announced it will provide free hearing screenings throughout the month of June.

“Hearing loss affects one in every four families in America,” says Russ Hearn, director of marketing for Avada Hearing Care Centers. “At no time does the problem of hearing loss affect families more than at the holidays. To honor not only fathers, but families everywhere, we’re pleased to offer anyone in our community the chance to receive a free hearing screening, administered by an experienced Avada hearing clinician.”

Common hearing loss warning signs include difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments, asking people to repeat themselves, and having to turn up the volume on the TV in order to hear. Recent studies have also linked hearing loss to changes in overall health, breakdowns in family communication, and loss of personal income.