With 480 members/owners and staff members in attendance, Audigy Group, Vancouver, Wash, recently held its Fall 2009 Summit at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.

The conference for elite private hearing practices included hands-on workshops designed to increase efficiency, define success, and build teamwork in each functional area of the practice, said the company.

The 48 workshops covered a range of topics under Audigy Group’s shared services: marketing, finance, business development, professional development, human resources, and operational systems.

Audigy Group staff members and its member/owners conducted the seminars, and participants included practice owners, hearing specialists/providers, and all office staff members. The event provided a team-building platform for the large number of practices who attended with their entire staffs, said the company.

Founded by CEO Brandon Dawson, Audigy Group helps to assist independent hearing practice owners to preserve and grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive environment of industry consolidation and integration by corporations, the company said.
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[Source: Audigy Group]