TV Ears, San Diego, debuts its digital to analog converter (DAC) for consumers.

The product’s introduction is in direct response to the increasing trend by many electronic manufacturers to reduce the amount of analog audio ports on many TV models.

“The rise of digital audio in everything from flat panel TV’s to DVD players and the satellite or cable box means that many TV models offer only one or two analog audio ports available that are already being used for other purposes, such as hooking up a stereo or home theater system,” said Ken Hughes, president of TV Ears. “As a result, many of our customers may be left wondering how to hook up their TV Ears transmitter. This device solves that issue and customers can continue enjoying their television experience with our devices.”

The DAC stacks neatly underneath any TV Ears transmitter, and converts the digital audio signal from a TV, cable/satellite box or DVD player to an analog audio signal..

[Source: TV Ears]