June 25, 2007

Sonus has announced it is now providing an alternative health-care plan to its members who do not wish to participate in the network’s traditional medical insurance program. The Sonus SecureCare™ Health Plan offers members many of the benefits of a
comprehensive major medical insurance plan, such as physical exam and prescription drug coverage, but at a price a company statement indicated was "less than one-third of the cost."

“Many Sonus members had been inquiring about a way to cover their basic health-care needs without the high cost of conventional insurance,” Dan Quall, senior vice president of the Sonus Network, says. “We’re pleased to offer a new option that allows our members to save money without sacrificing their health – or their financial future.”

Sonus partnered with Homeland SecureCare to create the limited medical benefit plan, which provides defined dollar benefits for common health insurance needs, including office visits, in-patient hospital stays, surgery and wellness exams. According to the statement from Sonus, SecureCare pays a set dollar amount for each service, ranging from $25 to $10,000, with the member covering the balance of the claim. Members who experience medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, cancer and stroke, are 100 percent covered for their treatments. The plan includes accidental medical and accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and members can also take advantage of life insurance and discounted prescription drugs, dental procedures, lab testing and vision exams.

All Sonus network members are eligible to participate in the SecureCare plan. No physical exams or health questions are required to qualify, and members do not have to pay deductibles to use the plan. There are no limitations on coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Monthly premiums vary, depending on scope of coverage and the number of participating family members, but rates are not dependent upon age, gender or tobacco use.