Crawley, West Sussex, UK — Siemens Hearing Instruments has announced the launch of its new, multifunctional miniTekT device, which acts as both a remote control and an automatic streamer to synchronize all the latest gadgets with hearing instruments.

The miniTek is a natural technology progression from the Tek system that Siemens has been supplying since 2008. The miniTek easily connects the sound of home entertainment or mobile audio devices such as laptops, mobile phones, iPodsT and TVs directly into the hearing instruments.

Weighing just 55g and is only slightly larger than the latest iPod Nano. miniTek streams the sound from any Bluetooth audio device directly into the hearing instruments to provide greater sound quality, convenience and comfort.

The small device allows users to change programs and adjust volume, plus it slips easily into a pocket, or clips onto clothing, for discreet operation and wireless listening on the go.

miniTek comes pre-paired with two transmitters that can connect at the same time. For example, one transmitter can plug into a TV and the other into a stereo system with automatic switch over controlled from the miniTek. It also enables a user to wirelessly connect a mobile and Bluetooth-enabled landline phone simultaneously.

When either rings, miniTek is automatically activated so the call can be answered without the need to get up and go and find the phone. Should the user be watching TV and receive a telephone call, the instrument automatically switches over from the TV feed to the input signal from the phone.

miniTek can also receive and transmit audio via e2eT wireless technology, connect with FM transmitters commonly used in schools plus stream sound from induction loops commonly found in cinemas, banks and theatres via its built-in T-coil. For those with non wireless equipment, the device also has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Siemens reports that the miniTek will be available early in 2011 in the UK and should be released in the US market by the spring of 2011.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing UK