Quality. Service. Technology. Value. Our philosophy is simple, yet an extremely effective means by which we conduct business on a daily basis. Based on the “what you see is what you get principle,” Rexton has never strayed from the path of providing hearing professionals with solutions of the highest quality, versatility, and technological sophistication. But more important, Rexton continues to cater to the individual business needs of each and every client we serve, resulting in an extremely personalized and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Voyage is one of Rexton Inc’s complete digital hearing families.

We realize it takes more than just great products to grow a business. That is why we continue to communicate in more effective ways to provide professionals with industry-leading service and support. Rexton’s extremely diverse product line, experienced manufacturing staff, and knowledgeable sales representatives provide the support needed to grow and prosper in today’s competitive market.

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From the entry-level digital solution, Reflection, to the most sophisticated product offering, Voyage™, Rexton’s complete line of digital solutions provides the hearing professional with the flexibility of fitting their patients with the technology that is most suitable for their unique listening needs.

The newest edition to Rexton’s digital offering, Voyage, sets new standards when it comes to versatility and impact to the hearing health professional’s business. Voyage features four programmable memories, 16 channel gain adjustments, 16 channel Adaptive Noise Reduction, 16 channel Speech Preservation, 16 channel Microphone Noise Reduction, six independent compression areas with flexible crossover frequencies, and independent CK, CR, and compression dynamic adjustments.

For more information on the Voyage, or any of Rexton’s digital solutions, contact a Rexton representative at (800) 876-1141.