Minneapolis, Minn — ReSound has announced the release of Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) Ultra technology, a new approach to feedback cancellation.

The company says that DFS Ultra uses advanced modeling techniques of the input and feedback signals to increase the stable gain that is available in a fitting, while combating feedback in even the most difficult situations.

DFS Ultra uses a phase-inverted signal relative to the feedback pathway into the signal pathway of the hearing instrument and subsequently generating sound waves that cancel out the squeal.

The technology also includes two feedback filters: a static filter that is customized to the specific hearing aid and the person wearing it, and a second dynamic filter that responds to changes in everyday use. As a result, everyday sounds like phone rings, alarm beeps, and music can be amplified to desired levels without being mistaken for feedback, plus actions such as giving someone a hug are feedback-free.

Tammara Stender, senior audiologist at GN ReSound, commented in the press release, "Today, every hearing aid manufacturer has a feedback suppression system, but they often come with trade-offs, With DFS Ultra, there is no compromise. The user can enjoy the most advanced, effective feedback control on the market with the same superior sound quality that ReSound always provides."