Eden Prairie, Minn — Interacoustics is introducing two new diagnostics products. The company has released Callisto, a portable hearing aid fitting solution, and the AD629, a stand-alone and a PC-based audiometer in one box.

Callisto (pictured) is designed to accommodate the needs of the traveling clinician doing home visits or traveling between different sites. It includes both advanced audiometry and real-ear measurement capability inside a portable footprint that weighs only 1.25 lbs. 

The unit also features built-in digitized speech lists, high frequency up to 16 kHz, QuickSIN™, counseling features, customized reporting and printing, as well as the latest NAL-NL2 fitting prescription.

Interacoustics’ second new product is the AD629 as a hybrid audiometer that offers the features of a traditional diagnostic stand-alone audiometer, as well as a full, two-way PC-integration with flexible reporting tools and database storage (NOAH, OtoAccess™, XML).

As with other PC-based products, the AD629 can be easily upgraded to accommodate future needs and trends.

Other features include adjustable high resolution color display, internal storage with 500 patients/50,000 test sessions, integrated pre-recorded speech options, a high frequency option, and more.

Finally, AD629 can also offer advanced testing options beyond the air, bone, and speech testing with a software license.

SOURCE: Interacoustics