product Enhanced Digital Hearing
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, has released the Rexton 3D Ultra, an enhanced version of the Rexton 3D.

The Rexton 3D Ultra incorporates a three-channel, six-band processing system that features as many as three independently programmable memories for maximum fitting control. In addition to the parameter assistant fine-tuning option, the unit includes the Optifit programming feature and Timeloop compression system, which assist hearing professionals in efficiently and effectively adjusting the Rexton 3D Ultra.

Other features include six-band sensitive voice processing and frequency response shaping, microphone noise reduction, extended directional microphone programming options, power-on delay, as well as low battery and memory alert tones.

Rexton 3D Ultra maintains the same quality and flexibility of Rexton 3D, while enhancing software functionality, resulting in an extremely sophisticated digital circuit that can be adapted to almost any lifestyle or hearing situation. (800) 876-1141;