Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario has released a new product called Software 3.4.

In a statement released by the company, Audioscan President Bill Cole says Software 3.4 builds on the company’s leadership position in objective hearing-instrument fitting. The company has added a unique test for verifying frequency altering hearing instruments, the ISTS speech signal, and many other refinements, he added.

The latest evolution in hearing instrument function is frequency transposition or lowering, says the statement. Audioscan provides the fitter with a way to verify the function of this new feature.

Four new speech passages are available that can be used to show that previously unaidable
speech information has been rendered audible through the use of frequency manipulation. The company says this is a great tool for showing patients the value of the new technology.

The ISTS signal allows health care professionals to adjust and fit the instrument using speech
that is not language-specific, says the statement. This composite signal incorporates speech cues from various languages to help ensure that any language will be audible, regardless of the unique characteristics of the language being spoken, says the statement.

As with all Audioscan software updates, version 3.4 is free to download from

For more information visit the Web site, call (800) 265-2093, or send an e-mail.

[Source: Audioscan]