The nonprofit Audiology Foundation of America (AFA), Lafayette, Ind, is again offering its Clued into Audiology otoscope program for third-year AuD students.

The program, open through March 5, requires students to read several articles and pass a short quiz to earn an otoscope. All third-year students in 4-year AuD programs are eligible to participate, and otoscopes will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Hal-Hen, in conjunction with Widex, has donated more than $13,000 in otoscopes to the program this year.

The program helps AuD students learn the history of the AuD movement and degree, and gives them a sense of the personal dedication by many that has made the dream a reality, says AFA Executive Director Susan Paarlberg.

Interested students can find the quiz and further information, on the AFA Web site.