Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, recently hosted the California 2008 Winter Scientific Conference: The Art and Science of Hearing Aid Design, Development, and Application in Newport Beach, Calif.

The event featured some of the best and brightest minds working on hearing solutions and incorporated in-depth research topics related to hearing aids, such as translational research, which is bringing innovation to hearing aid technology; cognitive science, which is revolutionizing our understanding of hearing aid benefits; and user-experience research, which is driving award-winning hearing aid design.
“Starkey has made a commitment to creating products based on evidence-based design, a fundamental element in the research and development of hearing aids,” said Brent Edwards, VP of Research for Starkey worldwide. “This conference gave us the opportunity to talk about some of the exciting research we are working on at our facilities in Berkeley, Calif, and Eden Prairie, Minn, to help make hearing aids better for patients.”
Participants interacted with multimedia demonstration modules highlighting the company’s research projects, as well as counseling and fitting tools incorporated into the company’s Inspire® OS 3.1 software.