Tulsa, Okla – Advanced Bionics (AB) has published a case study of how researchers have been utilizing the STATISTICA analytics software from StatSoft Inc for the analysis of the company’s clinical studies.
AB uses STATISTICA to help improve its cochlear implant devices by analyzing data from company clinical studies.

The subjects who are chosen for clinical studies are asked to complete the Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB) questionnaire, which is designed to assess their subjective benefit in various listening situations. STATISTICA produces a graph as a result of comparing the Strategy effect on the mean APHAB score.

AB needs attractive and customizable graphs for the clinical data. These graphs are used in presentations at scientific meetings and conferences worldwide. STATISTICA was the software of choice for their analytic and visualization needs.

By engaging StatSoft to deliver training, AB’s employees learned how to utilize the STATISTICA software quickly, and it also helped them identify possibilities for future uses and needs. StatSoft trainers instructed them to create their desired graphs by using repeated measures ANOVA and other modules within STATISTICA.

AB also uses STATISTICA graphs when delivering presentations at international conferences with reportedly great praise from the attendees.

SOURCE: StatSoft