Pictured from right to left: Karen Anderson, Rebecca Kooper, Pat Henry, and Cheryl DeConde Johnson.

Phonak, Murten, Switzerland each year honors a US audiologist working in a school program or pediatric research who contributed significantly to improving the level of service for hard-of-hearing children by sharing knowledge about communication systems and working to advance the use of available technologies—and the 2007 honorees are Karen Anderson, PhD, and Rebecca Kooper, AuD.

Anderson’s service has spanned more than a

quarter of a century, and the first 18 years were focused on educational audiology. Her achievements include:
•    Developed/co-developed many of the educational and pediatric protocols and validation tools
•    Active participation in EAA, including newsletter editor from 1988 to 1994, president in 1996, and 2003 recipient of the Fredrick S. Berg Educational Audiology award
•    Appointed by the governor to the Florida Department of Health Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 2004

Anderson has been a frequent contributor to HR through the years (see Nov 2002 and Sept 2004 issues).

Kooper has focused her life study and work toward the professional practice of educational audiology. er  achievements include:
•    Coordinator of Nassau BOCES Hearing Services program for 25 years
•    Numerous publications on FM systems
•    Her dedication has been recognized as the recipient of honors from ASHA, the Roland VanHattum Award, the NYSSHLA nomination for the ASHA Foundation, and Honors of the Association from Long Island Speech and Hearing Association

In 2006, Phonak introduced the Cheryl DeConde Johnson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational Audiology, which honors educational and pediatric audiologists for their work and commitment to advocate and improve communication and academic outcomes for children.

The selection committee includes Cathy Jones, Pat Henry, and Christine Jones. Cheryl DeConde Johnson is an honorary chairperson of the committee.

Award recipients’ names are engraved on a plaque located at the company’s US headquarters, and they are transported to the company’s world headquarters in Switzerland.

Nominations are open for the 2008 Award and will be accepted until November 15; call (888) 777-7316 or visit the Web site for a nomination form.

Headquartered near Zurich, the company has developed, produced, and distributed hearing systems and wireless devices worldwide for more than 50 years.