July 2, 2007

Each year, Phonak honors one audiologist working in a school program or in pediatric research in the United States. The award is made to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the enhancement of service delivery to hard of hearing students or who has added to the body of knowledge about the application and fitting of pediatric amplification technology. 

Phonak began the program last year by presenting the inaugural award to Cheryl DeConde Johnson based on her many achievements in her profession.  Cheryl is a co-author of the Educational Audiology Handbook, formed the Colorado Cochlear Implant Consortium, held leadership roles in EAA, and AAA, and has traveled extensively to lecture and share new concepts with her peers.

The winner of the award receives a trip to Switzerland to visit the Phonak global headquarters and is honored by having their name engraved on an “Outstanding Achievers in Educational Audiology” plaque that is located at the Phonak US headquarters in Warrenville, IL.

To make a nomination, call 1-888-777-7316 and request a nomination form or visit www.phonak-us to download the form.