Audiology students and recent graduates representing 23 countries participated in the twelfth Eriksholm Summer Camp, held on the grounds of Oticon’s audiological research center in Denmark, Oticon announced. The educational gathering is sponsored by the Oticon Foundation. Participants were given a unique opportunity to engage in formal and informal discussion and hands-on workshops with scientists from Eriksholm Research Centre, guest experts, and Oticon audiologists and specialists. This year marked the 20th anniversary since the inception of the Eriksholm Summer Camp, first organized in 1997.

Oticon Audiology Summer Camp 2017 (2)

This year’s summer camp focused on how hearing goes beyond the ears, demonstrating how brain processes are linked with hearing at many levels, some of which are still not completely understood. Discussion looked at the aging brain and brain functions associated with hearing ability. The group explored emerging methods for testing the cognitive load and the utilization of brainwave measurements as input to hearing aid fittings.

Participants also learned how Oticon’s BrainHearing™ approach is designed to work to support the impaired system, not only at the level of the ear but also in the brain.  Researchers shared two new independent studies that show how BrainHearing can help hearing aid users hear better in noisy situations and more effectively than traditional directionality technologies, according to Oticon.

Summer camp participants enjoyed a look behind the scenes at Eriksholm’s research capabilities and learned why establishing the research center in a location separate from Oticon’s commercial organization provides advantages for long-term progress in hearing solution innovation. A visit to Oticon’s headquarters at Kongebakken gave participants additional understanding of the ways in which researchers, scientists, and audiologists apply the newest research findings to develop breakthrough hearing solutions.

Four students from US universities traveled to Copenhagen with Randi Pogash, AuD, manager, clinical studies for Oticon, Inc., for the summer camp experience.  They included: Laura Sinnott, CUNY Graduate Center; Stephanie Miller, Northeastern University; MaryKate Bisaillon, University of Connecticut; and Daniel Park, University of North Texas.

“The most important takeaway was seeing first-hand why Oticon has not only a legacy but has no signs of slowing down,” said Sinnott. “The culture at Oticon is one that truly fosters healthy, happy employees, and one way is by designing spaces that cultivate creativity and interaction, from the Oticon headquarters to the nature that surrounds Eriksholm.”

“Interacting with diverse cultures and learning about audiology’s role around the world provided an exciting look into how the field helps others on a global scale,” added Park.  “The greatest benefit will reflect in how I counsel patients—including the impact of hearing loss on the brain, or aiding the process towards self-efficacy.”

Source: Oticon