The Ida Institute has introduced the Group Rehabilitation Online Utility Pack (GROUP), a new addition to Ida’s tools and strategies designed to open communication and engage patients in the self-management of their hearing loss.

The GROUP online guide was created to assist hearing care practitioners in developing group aural/audiologic rehabilitation (AR) programs for their practices. It features a combination of videos depicting actual Group AR sessions and informational content and best practices by leading Group AR experts from around the world.

“Research indicates that Group AR can be an effective way to increase hearing aid usage and overall patient satisfaction,” says Ida Institute managing director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “Group AR provides a powerful support mechanism for people with hearing loss and their communication partners and can enhance practitioners’ satisfaction.”

Group AR sessions can help people adjust to living with hearing loss, make the best use of hearing aids, better manage conversations, and increase self-advocacy. A growing body of research indicates a range of patient and practitioner benefits including:

  • Fewer returned hearing aids as compared to individuals who received new hearing aids but did not participate in Group AR;
  • Improved outcomes on health-related quality of life measures; and
  • Improved communication strategy usage compared to individuals who received new hearing aids, but did not participate in Group AR.

The GROUP tool includes a Quick Start guide, which provides basic information needed by hearing care professionals to develop and implement a two-session or eight-session Group AR program. Users can also access a comprehensive resource library with the information and research about the value of Group AR and how to communicate that value to their colleagues, program managers, and administrators.

As with all of the Ida Institute’s tools, the GROUP tool is available for free at

SOURCE: The Ida Institute